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The Pleasure Girls
British 60s cinema
British 60s cinema


Please add any thoughts, opinions, views etc on any aspect of British cinema, particularly the 1960s - I'd like to hear from you.


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  • Ian Turner (Tuesday, November 19 13 02:39 am GMT)

    Love your site reminded me of some classics I had forgotten from the 60,s. I like comparing remakes with the originals. recently bought both versions of Brighton Rock in the newer version there is a
    scene in the deleted scenes where Pinkie tells the gang to drop the teddy boy image and become MOD to blend in with the crowd. I think the movie lost something by not including this Scene.

  • Paul Thompson (Wednesday, May 08 13 05:02 pm BST)

    Hannah - I wrote my New Wave page this year - a few weeks ago in fact. Let me know if there's anything I can be of help with.

  • Dave Clifford (Saturday, February 23 13 12:11 am GMT)

    Some serious work has gone into that Saint Etienne page - funny hearing the quotes in pictures... "Hobart Paving" is a builder's merchants in Croydon (or at least used to be) - a bloke on a Saint
    Etienne forum wrote he saw it when cycling through there. adding "I nearly fell off my bike"!!!
    When you've finished with the samples you should get yourself a copy of their new album "Words and music by Saint Etienne". The cover is a map (Croydon again funnily enough!) but all the roads and
    landmarks etc have a musical connection eg the station is called "Clarksville" there's a "Paisley Park" and "Marios Cafe" - but there are some rather more obscure ones. It would keep you occupied for

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