The Pleasure Girls
The Pleasure Girls
British 60s cinema
British 60s cinema


This may be quite a brief page, but I just can't resist having these two clips on this website from the TV Personalities.  My thanks to Neil Carruthers for pointing me in the direction of these two clips, the first a straightforward referencing of the Rita Tushingham/Lynn Redgrave film Smashing Time (although the names of the characters in the song are not those in the film):

Geoffrey Ingram is the name of the character played by Murray Melvin in A Taste of Honey; my favourite line is "He fills up his pockets with baked beans and blancmange".  Genius.

If I come across any more stuff like this, I'll add it to this page, but I think 'Geoffrey Ingram' is hard to top to be honest...

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